Team Fish Bike Club

Annual Weekly Biking and Outdoorsmanship Program

'Tougher than your average monkey, through mountain biking wilderness experiences.'

To ride every weekend is a massive undertaking requiring some commitment of time and resources.  The advantage of this tho is a developed character & resilience.

'Put down your 'phones and have a wild-hood.'

All Day on Sundays

From 9 to 5pm (or so) we travel to and explore trail, presenting new challenges.  Borne of desire to expand our experience away from the Mt Work Trail Complex, we'll bike anywhere within a full day's round trip, using The Fishmobile.

We carry gear and supplies to support ourselves as we travel and explore trails away from the beaten path, we return to town with a bit of character built... and if we did the job right, bikers eat well and sleep well that night.

Get Involved

Bringing over 20 years' leadership on Vancouver Island, with a significant level of training (PMBIA, NCCP, and EBIT, even IMBA/CMIC early on) and outdoors experience (out every weekend for the last ten years, easily), Alex takes great pride in the role he plays within the Vancouver Island youth MTBiking ecosystem.

  Inspiration for this program comes from early life Wolf Cub, Boy Scout and Royal Canadian Army Cadet experiences, as well as a preference to get oneself set up to go on outdoor adventures, be it by boot or mountain bike, carrying stuff.

 Team Fish Bike Club Classics program is a large investment in time and resources, but there's no better way to get your stoked youngster an intro to the outdoors and Vancouver Island's wonderful trail systems with our Membership Fee ($95), which includes Club Insurance to December 31st 2019 (expanded to include late 2018 if you register before Christmas) and opens doors to anything from a 'Drop-In' level of involvement to the 'All You Can Eat' plan, for the committed  enthusiast.

Alex' direct contact is 250-885-5305 or email at to discuss this unique program.

'The more often you come out, the greater value you'll realize.  It's on the rider to do what they can to bring more to the game than they take; to put in their honest best effort.  I can help.'     Alex Jefthas