Mountain Bike Tours & Trips

so many trails, so much beauty

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Vancouver Island has so much to offer the outdoors enthusiast.  Bent to exploration, Alex can advise on topics as varied as 'best donuts?', 'best shop for a repair?', 'where to go for a lazy lake day?', 'got spare gloves?', to 'how many light bulbs decorate the legislature?'.  With a vast knowledge of local fun activities and places to see, he's a fantastic ambassador, and host.

Showcasing Van Isle's Trails

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Trans Canada Trail & Connectors

Mt Tzouhalem  -  Maple Mountain

Eagle Ridge  -  Mt Work

Bear Mountain

250-885-5305 to Book!

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$165.00 CDN per person daytrip, 2 person minimum, one lunch/snack per person included.  Call to make your reservation.

Let's go; there is so much to see!