Since the Earthriders Bike Camps of Shawnigan Lake in 1996, Alex Jefthas has helped young people learn mountain biking skills and promoting it as an excellent life-long sport in the outdoors, '...like hiking, but biking.  ^ times more efficient than walking!'  Experiences include:

  • leading his Ultimate Bike Summer Camps through Saanich Recreation from 2001 to 2010
  • tour mechanic for local organization's trips to Uganda, 'a brilliant experience'
  • The TFBC has been out and biking every practical Sunday for the past 15 years.  'It's important in the development of a 'Crew' to be there for each other,  no matter what.'
  • cycle-tourism with groups of all compositions, at various ride challenge levels. 'It's fun to be a host!'
  • coaching multiple generations of Victorian youth mountain bikers, remaining mentor to some for years after. 'It's our role as Elders.'
  • extensive shop experience in MTB  repair & maintenance.  'If you don't maintain it, don't rely on it.'

'A cherished compliment was to be referred to as the Great-uncle of Youth Mountain Biking in Victoria, I laughed my head off.  I'm really proud to have positively impacted so many bikers here in Victoria."    -  Alex Jefthas

Certifications & Training

Alex maintains training and certification in various visions of best mountain bike coaching and leadership practice, such as:

  • CMIC, an early version of IMBA coaching in Canada,
  • NCCP MTB Levels 1 & 2, most recently 'Learning to Train'
  • EBIT Levels 1 & 2, as well PMBIA Level 1,
  • Wilderness and Marine First Aid training and repeat certifications,
  • Professional Passenger Driver's License. 

Outdoorsy and MTB

All of these above contribute to Alex' coaching and leadership philosophy.  As well, a few youth organizations he was involved with (Army Cadets, Boy Scouts & Wolf Cubs) led to learning fieldcraft skills and participating in some memorably challenging exercises, as well as fostering his curiosity about the outdoors.  And with the mountain biking craze start of the early '90s; combining the two was a natural outcome.  And here we are!  

'A real lifer.'