Summer Biking Adventure Camps

Monday to Friday; daily trips to trails outside of Victoria.  Appropriate for stoked and enthusiastic mountain bikers aged 11+ who are interested in epic-ly memorable days in the saddle.  Meeting to leave our rendezvous point by 9am, back by 5pm.


Your biker needs to be able to carry water and some gear, we have everything else we need to keep us biking.  Small groups ensure lots of individualized attention and support.

Our programs have shop support if you need any complex repairs over the course of the Summer, check out our local mountain bike experts at 

Challenge Level /Schedule Matrix

Use these standards to assess your biker's skill/experience level;

L1 Beginner:  Has figured out the basics of mountain biking, and is comfortable on bumpy trails.  These dates are planned as a reasonable intro to spending lots of time on the best thing there is, a mountain bike.

Jul 4-7             Tue-Fri   $340.00  REGISTER

Jul 17-21         Mon-Fri  $380.00  REGISTER

Aug 8-11         Tues-Fri  $340.00  REGISTER

Aug 14-18       Mon-Fri  $380.00  REGISTER

Aug 28-Sep 1  Mon-Fri  $380.00 REGISTER

L2 Intermediate:  Has reasonable bike handling skills and has been mountain biking regularly for at least a year.  They've probably got a hydration pack, and a modern mountain bike, might have attended a bike camp before, and love mountain biking.

Jul 10-13    Mon-Thu  $340.00  REGISTER

Jul 24-28    Mon-Fri   $380.00  REGISTER

L3 Advanced:  Multiple years of biking experience has led to a certain degree of fitness to match skill.  Well-equipped and ready to take on a day's challenge.  Some big rides these weeks...

Jul 31-Aug 4    Mon-Fri   $380.00   REGISTER

Aug 21-25        Mon-Fri  $380.00  REGISTER

Note To Parents!

“I care that your child is challenged appropriately by these rides.  I encourage parents to get in touch with me so that we can figure out a best match for your child, to help make an interesting and sport-broadening Summer.”
                            -Alex Jefthas


 'I think my son has found his sport for life! thanks to Alex' patience,  enthusiasm and supportive manner.  He can hardly wait to ride Saturday  with his club, which I'm so glad to see.  Thanks Alex!'    Tim V.

 'I am really glad to get out on a bike, in the woods with my son, and leave the worrying to Alex.  Thanks for letting me join in; we are looking forward to the years to come!'   David N.

'We really appreciate the passion for a sport that you demonstrate.  'N' has noticed and paid attention, and is glad for the resource when it comes to bikes and biking that you bring to his chosen sport.  Cheaper than hockey and few early mornings as well.  Thanks for driving him to all the trails!'   Scott C.

'hey, what if we bring a friend?

Buddies each get 5 percent off.  So if you bring a friend, you each get 5% off.  Because, thanks!


Email to get a registration package sent to you!  Call 250-885-5305 to connect with Mr Jefthas to confirm registration and payment details.  

These excursions are a big deal, and communication is key.  Let's get started!