Fall Mountain Biking Programs

Saturday Skills Sessions at Mt Work

Every Saturday at Mt Work since the early 00's, we've offered two Challenge Levels of guided mountain biking skills sessions for youth; 

the Morning Sessions (9:30-Noon) are shorter and intended to help Younger/Beginners get their skills up to speed with the Basics covered (Neutral Position, Ready!, shifting body position to bike up steep hills and descend them as well, operating bike controls, trail etiquette... so much to cover!).  Typical age range is 9 to 12ish yrs.

The Afternoon Sessions (1-4pm) are intended for Bikers who've outgrown a mellower-paced ride, and ready to take on rides that involve MORE climbing, MORE trails, MORE variety.  They are ready for MORE.  At the same time, emphasis on correct skills and techniques, good outdoor protocols and etiquette, and teamwork.  These Bikers are usually aged 11/12 to 16, and if they're still enjoying the program they are welcome to attend at a reduced rate after the age of 16.

I would be remiss if I didn't here mention the Team Fish Bike Classics, a third level of challenge for the competent and keen mountain biker.  On Sundays we travel to trail systems outside Mt Work, such as on Mts Tzouhalem, Maple and Prevost, Shawnigan Lake, and Sooke.  We've been doing this for over 15 years now.

Challenge Level /Schedule Matrix

9:30 - Noon   Younger Beginners 9-12yrs         $199.00     Sept. 16th - Nov. 14th

For bikers new to mtbiking, who want coached support in mtb basics with LOTS of practice time, fun!

1 - 4pm   Older Intermediates 12-16yrs         $225.00      Sept. 16th - Nov.14th

For teenaged bikers with some experience, coaching with guidance and support.  Longer rides & higher expectations.

Note To Parents!

“I care that your child is challenged appropriately by these rides.  I encourage parents to get in touch with me so that we can figure out a best match for your child, and answer any questions you might have.”
                            -Alex Jefthas

'I think my son has found his sport for life! thanks to Alex' patience,  enthusiasm and supportive manner.  My boy can hardly wait to ride Saturday  with his club, which I'm so glad to see.  Thanks Alex!'    Tim V.
'I am really glad to get out on a bike, in the woods with my son, and leave the worrying to Alex.  Thanks for letting me join in; we are looking forward to the years to come!'   David N.
'We really appreciate the passion for a sport that you demonstrate.  'N' has noticed and paid attention, and is glad for the resource when it comes to bikes and biking that you bring to his chosen sport.  Cheaper than hockey and fewer early mornings as well.'   Scot C.

'hey, what if we bring a friend?

Buddies each get 5 percent off.  So if you bring a friend, you each get 5% off.  Because, thanks!


Email teamfishbike@hotmail.com to get a registration package sent to you!  Call 250-885-5305 to connect with Mr Jefthas to confirm registration and payment details.  

These excursions are a big deal, and communication is key.  Let's get started!

Father & Son Biking

Thursdays at Mt Work Team Fish is pleased to offer friendly group rides intended to help Dads and their sons get out and ride together.  With Alex as guide/coach/trailside mechanic and cheerful supporter of the mountain biking lifestyle, the intent is to help fathers who'd like to bike with their sons, and learn the skills to do so happily, a friendly guy-zone in which to do it.  Registration includes Club Insurance for two, extras can be added.

Thursdays        Sept.