2017: Year of Prevost

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Mount Prevost in the Cowichan Valley is certainly one of the most well known and respectfully regarded hills on Vancouver Island.  With over 15 years experience on these very trails, Team Fish guides and coaches present interesting and sage guidance about how to ride the challenging trails of Mt Prevost. 

Alex decided that 2017 would be TFBC's Year of Prevost, with alternating weekends on Prevost, alternating shuttled and enduro-style sessions, which really makes for some pretty strong individuals.


Mount Prevost

Alex brings many years experience on Mount Prevost, keeping young bikers keen and on point when it comes to exploring these intriguing trails.  With attention on the group at all times, Alex returns them safe and sound at the end of the day.

TFBC Shuttle Club

Starting in mid-September, for interested and experienced bikers looking to get acquainted with this trail system, we are offering seats in our vehicle.  This is not a taxi servoce!; you will be expected to play well with others and ride within your capabilities and with respect for the hill, yourself and others.